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Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there. ~Rumi

Think Higher. Be Better. Don't Harm.

We are now in the 'Purpose Era', where the HOW matters as much as the WHAT. Recent generations are now becoming the senior leaders and inheritors of wealth who are guiding spending and investment decisions and demanding greater accountability. Vidya Capital Partners is uniquely qualified to support this transition.


Vidya works with principled leaders striving to create extraordinary outcomes. Leaders who aim higher. Leaders who care about the wellbeing of people and the sustainability of our businesses.

Our philosophy requires curiosity, ongoing inquiry, and an ethos of perpetual improvement. How can we better inform ourselves of the potential consequences of our investments to stakeholders? How can I be better - a better leader, a better teammate, a better human? How can we build an even better business?

We aren't fans of labels that continue to divide and separate and prefer instead a broadening of perspective. So, we ask that you consider whether it might be better all around - better for your portfolios, businesses, people, society - if your due diligence lens and metrics of success broaden too.


We tell stories, shed light, and share ideas. We're in this for the long game.

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