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There's no better time to get very thoughtful about your investment choices and the purpose of the capital you invest. For CIO's and Investment Leaders: How is the capital you direct supporting the next generation? For Wealthy Families: What legacy are you creating through your investments?
Getting Clear

The market for investments that consider return AND something more is evolving. It is confusing, nebulous, and sometimes exploited politically or otherwise. Do you need a little help separating the noise from what matters to you? I will facilitate sessions with the investment teams, the C-Suite, Boards, and families that are working through those challenges.

Informed by my experience in private equity fundraising, immersive study of yoga philosophy, and the integration of both into a book on conscious leadership, I have a broad and differentiated perspective on investments, funds, and business models.

I see things through a holistic lens that includes the character of the leaders, the cultures of the investment businesses, motivations of the people, due diligence considerations beyond profit, fund structures, and how teams add value to their investments.

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