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Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there. ~Rumi

Our mission is to inspire limited partners and investment managers to direct capital toward high-integrity, values-led leaders who consider the long term. 

Vidya Capital helps values-aligned capital partners including qualified purchasers, high-net-worth families, endowments, foundations, and institutions identify seasoned, purpose-led teams offering differentiated, market-rate alternative investment opportunities. We believe holistic and disciplined investment analysis, allows for clearly understood investment decisions. The firm’s purpose is to expand the values-aligned investment ecosystem by supporting, elevating, and scaling the efforts of our investment manager partners and introducing them to our capital partners. 


We are now in the 'Purpose Era', where the HOW matters as much as the WHAT. Recent generations are now becoming the senior leaders and inheritors of wealth who are guiding investment decisions and demanding greater accountability. Vidya Capital partners with seasoned investment leaders of high integrity who have deeply embedded values and consider all stakeholders when making investment decisions. We are grounded in the understanding that businesses that endure all cycles are more resilient to stressors because they care for their people and the ecosystem as a whole. Investment leadership leverages both intellectual rigor and holistic investment analysis to mitigate risk, improve performance, and offer exclusive investment opportunities to our capital partners. 


Vidya Capital believes that conscious investing stands above  acronyms, labels, and words. Conscious investing, where stakeholders matter, requires an intention to be fully informed, recognizing that when we gain awareness and understanding, we see more clearly, and can speak truthfully. At the heart of the matter is conscious leadership. We are an ecosystem of pragmatists and optimists that believes in perpetual betterment and we know it begins by looking in the mirror, taking care of our whole selves, and breathing deeply. 


Vidya Capital Partners Investing with Clarity.

Think Higher.

Be Better.

Don't Harm.

Limited Partners

Are you looking for private and alternative fund investments and direct co-Investments in the private markets that generate market-rate returns while also considering all stakeholders? Do you have a long term view on investing? Do you want to invest with leaders you trust, leaders of utmost integrity? If so, let's talk!

What legacy are you creating through your investments? There's no better time to  get very thoughtful about your investment choices and the purpose of your capital. How is the capital you direct supporting the next generation?

Collaborators & GP's

Are you a thought leader, convener, researcher, or influencer interested in being an ally? Do you want to align with an ecosystem of like-minds, reclaim the mic, focus on pragmatism, shed light on the good, and inspire what's positive in the investment industry? Are you a seasoned GP looking for values-aligned investors? Are you a GP ready to shift your firm in a more conscious direction? Let's connect!

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My name is Tarra Mitchell.

I've directed billion dollar private equity fundraising events and wrote a book integrating yoga philosophy and leadership. I formed Vidya Capital Partners to facilitate the movement of private capital in more conscious directions. I believe that stewards of financial assets should direct all investments of capital, especially market-rate investments, toward purpose-led investment teams and business leaders. Specifically, teams of values-centered pragmatists that are employing holistic due diligence practices and the leaders shaping businesses that are doing right by the next child. That is capitalism. 

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Think Higher. Be Better. Don't Harm.

Our philosophy requires ongoing inquiry and an ethos of perpetual improvement. How can I be better - a better leader, a better teammate, a better human? How can we do the business we are doing better than it's already being done? How can we better inform ourselves of the potential consequences of our investments so that we are sure we are doing our best not to cause harm? We aren't fans of labels that continue to divide and separate and prefer instead a broadening of perspective. So we ask that you not put us in a box and consider instead whether it might be better all around - better for your portfolios, businesses, people, society - if the due diligence lens and metrics of success broaden too. We tell stories, shed light, share ideas, and make friends. We're in this for the long game.

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